Young Adult Ministry Survey

MOBC Young Adult Ministry Survey

Greetings! My name is Ashley Obie and I am a fellow member of Mount Olive Baptist Church. I have been asked by Pastor Johnson to gather information from MOBC members between the ages of 21-35, in order to start a new Young Adult Ministry. This link will be posted on the MOBC website from 08/21/11 – 08/31/2011. Please respond as soon as possible, and feel free to share with other members/potential members of MOBC, within this age range. Thank you for your time, and be blessed!
  Do you believe a Young Adult Ministry is needed at MOBC?
      I strongly believe
      I somewhat believe
      I do not believe
  Could you see yourself being an active part of this ministry?
      Yes, I would love to!
     No, it doesn't sound like a good fit for me.
     Maybe, as I learn more about it…
  What types of activities would you be interested in participating in, within this ministry?
      Book Club; reading/discussing Christian books - fiction/nonfiction
      Bible Study Sessions
      Financial/Homebuyers Workshops
      Corporate prayer
      Missions/volunteer projects
      Social gatherings/fellowships/outings
      Speakers - different topics
      Fellowship with other Young Adult Ministries
      General Outings - Movies, bowling, skating, etc.
      All of these
  What would you suggest the focus of this ministry be? Up to 3 suggestions would be wonderful!
  Would you be interested in going on trips?
      Conferences (Mega-Fest, etc.)
      Theme Parks (including Christian Theme Parks)
      Shopping Trips
      Not Interested
  When do you suggest this ministry meet?
      Once a month; physically
      Once a week; via conference call, email or social networking sites
      Once a quarter; for a mini-conference and outing
      Once a year; for a large event planned by a committee
      None of these
  Would you be willing to meet with us for a fellowship/outing in September to discuss this ministry?
      Yes, I’d be glad to
      No, not interested
      Maybe, please provide more information
*If you selected "Yes" for the last question please provide your name, email address and phone number below:
Name:        Phone:
  Please provide any final suggestions you may have: